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Friday, October 01, 2010


October is here, which for me means a great many things. I love the fall season on the east coast, and this month is by far my favorite for a lot of reasons (Halloween and pumpkin beer being two of the most important). But this October will also going to be great due to the SVP 70th Anniversary Meeting in Pittsburgh, and the first ever National Fossil Day during Earth Science Week. I simply cannot wait, so to start off the month (and get a little inspired), enjoy this ROCK-tober video, showing off the sciencey awesomeness that is the Tesla Coil.

Video posted by emagana100, via YouTube.

I thought that was too cool to not work into a Superoceras post. Hopefully you agree. I'll be covering the events mentioned above in much more detail as the dates approach, and plan on doing some live blogging from SVP when I get there as well. So look forward to that, in addition to other fall related posts in a "Wonders of Fall" series I hope to get off the ground before the temperatures drop and winter sneaks up on us.

Have a great weekend everyone. October is here... get your sweater.


  1. indeed too cool.

    there is a travelling tesla show that does nighttime outdoor shows, way too awesome a visual. their videoes are online. i seriously recommend the supermario theme :P

    sorry for lack of comments up till now. i've been lurking, but lacking the time to do anything besides read... in another week or so that should change.

    great weekend back at yourself good sir!

  2. Traumador,

    no worries, all I ever do is lurk. Great to have you stopping by regardless!

    And the Masters of Lightning (if that is the group you are talking about) videos are awesome!