Welcome to Superoceras, a blog about science and natural history, slightly biased towards paleontology and zoology, but inclusive of all sciences. Started in October of 2009, my goal is to communicate scientific knowledge (and the occasional piece of nonsense) in an informative and entertaining manner. Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, concerns, or criticism at superoceras(at)gmail(dot)com, and follow me on Twitter @Superoceras for all that and more in 140 characters or less!

My Flickr Photostream

Hey there!

I take pictures. A lot. Most of them are of wildlife or nature. I try to use as many of my originals as I can here on Superoceras, but there are so many that I've taken in so many places that there is no way I could ever showcase them all here. I've decided to try and get as many as I can up on Flickr, where I've started my own photostream.  Until I can organize all my photos (and pay for an account that allows me to upload massive amounts of data) I may only be adding things here and there.  But rest assured, the long term goal is to compile a rather extensive collection of specimen images (living and non-living, extant and extinct) to supplement the material presented here at Superoceras.

I in no way consider myself a photographer.  I'm just a guy with a camera and a passion for nature.  But I hope you enjoy the images nonetheless. Take a look at them here: David Tana's Photostream.

Flickr logo image from Wikimedia Commons.