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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Migration

Like many of my avian cousins, I've migrated south this winter. As you may already know (if you follow me on Twitter) I'm currently in Florida at Blue Spring State Park, accompanying a group of University of Maryland students on their Alternative Break trip. As soon as we got to the park, I immediately started taking photos, and when I get home and have a more reliable internet connection, I'll be sure to upload a bunch of them.

But for now, I'll leave you with this. There are four critters hiding somewhere in the photo. Can you find them?


  1. I see two turtles and a heron(?). Thought I saw another bird, but I think it's just a branch. More resolution!

  2. I thought I could see a cormorant, but it could be a branch...

  3. I see what looks like a heron on the left; a (painted?) turtle in middle background and the top of a fin in the front middle; sorry, can't make out anything else for sure.

  4. Sorry, guys and gal. I realize now that mobile blogger messed with the resolution a lot. My apologies! But I'm seriously impressed by the guesses, as there is a great blue heron and at least two common cooters in the background. Should I just give away the other two?