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Monday, January 23, 2012

Four Critters

A little over a week ago, I posted a ridiculously low quality image of the Spring Run at Florida's Blue Spring State Park, and told you all there were four critters in it.  As ambiguous as it was, I swear, they are actually there.  Take another look. Here is the huge version that hangs off the page.  Click it for a cleaner view.

So, did you see the critters?  In case you missed them, here they are.

To the left (in blue), we have the great blue heron preening itself.  Towards the center of the photo (in orange), we have a group of coastal cooters catching some rays.  Up on the bank to the right (in green), we have a very well hidden American alligator.  And all throughout the blue waters, right beneath the surface (in black) we have a number of Florida manatees.

Ardea herodias
Pseudemys concinna floridana
Alligator mississippiensis
Trichechus manatus latriosstris
I was truly amazed at the amount of biodiversity present at Blue Spring State Park.  The manatees that spend the winter months in the spring are the big attraction for many, but I was pleased to have encounters with a number of other plants and animals.  I'll be sure to talk about some of them very soon!


  1. That. Is. Awesome. I now realize that I had managed to spot the heron and the turtles.

  2. It's crazy, right? I'm used to visiting parks and not seeing much wildlife at all. But this place was incredible.