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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time to step it up, Jersey.

Just a quick one today, as this bit of information needs to be disseminated as quickly as possible.

There is a quarry in New Jersey where dinosaur track ways from the Jurassic have been preserved. Awesome.

There is also an "active adult community" developer who wants to build villas, a spa, and a clubhouse on the site. Not awesome.

Brought to my attention by David Orr at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurus (originally posted at ReBecca Hunt-Foster's Dinochick Blogs and written about in great detail over at Project Dryptosaurus), there is a petition online to save the quarry. If you read Superoceras, you probably care about science, and nature, and paleontology and all that jazz. Which means I highly suggest signing the petition, and telling everyone you know to sign it as well. If not, this little bit of science/nature/paleontology/jazz will probably go the way of the dinosaur (no pun intended, but obviously noted).

We (kind of) saved the UW Geological Museum; we can save the quarry as well. New Jersey, stop and think about it. I've defended you for years, but come on - a second season of "Jersey Shore"? What are you thinking? You definitely owe me one. Protect the trackway!

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