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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A film about our HOME.

(So I know I did the same thing last year, but please bear with me as I try and get everything sorted out after my week at SVP so that I can finish up tmy "daily posts from the field".  I'm glad I was able to get up three considering how busy the days are, and the lack of free Wi-Fi in the rooms.  They will come soon, but someone recently sent me this, and I feel like putting it up is pretty important, so here it goes.)

Depending on who you ask, the human population on the planet currently numbers somewhere between 6.973 billion (U. S. Census Beureau) and 7 billion (United nations Population Fund).  That is a lot of people, and sometimes, I don't think we consider the impact a population like that can have on the planet.  Even those of us that do are guilty of contributing to that impact in one way or another.  Many have suggested that we have now reached a critical point in human history; one where we understand what may be before us, and have to act in order to preserve our shared future.  The film HOME does this in a way that is hard to not take seriously.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand has done an amazing job of putting together stunning high-definition visuals and a thought provoking narrative (voice-over provided by Glenn Close) in a film that I think everyone should see.  It's a little over 1.5 hours, but if you're hear reading this now, I'm sure you're the kind of person who will want to find the time to watch it.  I can't embed the video here, but click this link or any of the ones that follow it, and you'll be taken to the page on YouTube where you can watch the film in its entirety.  It's free, so share and enjoy!

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