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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Boneyard 2.1

I have been without the interwebs all weekend, and it has been driving me nuts. I feel like I'd normally be able to live without it, but I've been super excited about something super exciting that's about to happen. At some point today, the Boneyard 2.1 will be up! Everyone, I command you to click this link, and continuously refresh the page until you see something different. Then tell everyone you know!

Again, thanks to David Orr of Love in the Time of Chasmosaurus for bringing back the Boneyard 2.0, and Brian Switek of Dinosaur Tracking/Brian Switek/Laelaps for starting the original Boneyard.

A previous post to catch you up to speed here. I'll update as soon as I see that it is up and running.

**UPDATE 1:30PM**
The Boneyard is live! Check it out over at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurus here! Big thanks to Dave Orr again, especially for getting my ELT post up there even though I didn't submit anything until the last minute. And science/paleo/natural history bloggers, learn from my bad example. Start writing your post submissions for the October "Boneyard" today! We need to keep this thing going!


  1. It will be this afternoon - I'll be wrapping the post up on my lunch break! Don't want you to wear out your finger clicking "refresh!"

  2. Dave,

    I'd gladly refresh all day for The Boneyard.