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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy National Bird Day!

I finished 2011 with a post on birding, and figure starting 2012 in a similar fashion is not a bad way to go.  Unfortunately, my yard was not full of wonderful native birds when I got home.  In fact, when I got in today, I was greeted with this sight:

Not cool, man.
After seeing over a dozen native species in my yard the other day, I was saddened to see my feeder occupied by a flock of invasive house sparrows and a particularly bold eastern gray squirrel. Now of course, the squirrel is native.  But I have a separate feeder just for him and his kin, and that generally keeps them away from my bird feeders.  For shame, you rouge rodent!

But no more negativity; it's National Bird Day! I'll step up my efforts to bring native birds back into my neighborhood, and celebrate by revealing the identities of my "end of year bird quiz" birds over the next couple of posts.  Happy National Bird Day, everyone!

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